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Listen to Heart & Lung Sounds

This application allows medical students and healthcare professionals to improve their auscultation skills with our unique collection of heart and lung sounds which were recorded in real patients.

All the normal and the abnormal cardiac sounds are included in the application and they are reinforced with animated phonocardiograms. Repetitive listing to these short audio clips will help the doctors and medical students to enhance their diagnostic capacity in heart sounds, murmurs, and lung sounds efficiently.

However, nothing is a substitute for clinical practice. So, do not forget to use your stethoscope frequently. This application will be a handy tool to supplement your clinical skills.

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Cardiac Sounds

Navigate the intricate landscape of clinical mastery with a systematic and methodical approach, ensuring a thorough preparation for success in medical examination.

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Navigate the dynamic landscape of clinical mastery through our comprehensive guide. Embrace a systematic and methodical approach that ensures thorough preparation, equipping you for success in your medical examinations. Discover a pathway to excellence in clinical practice.

Animated Phonocardiograms

Confidence unlocked with common OSCE questions answered at medical board exams

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Uncover the secrets of OSCE success with our answers decoded. Dive deep into the intricacies of OSCE preparation for a confident and informed performance.

Perfect Exam Revsion

 Perfect App for last-time revision before your medical school examination. 

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Elevate your exam preparation with the Perfect Exam Revision module. Streamline your revision process and enhance your recall, ensuring you approach your exams with confidence.

Medical Education Blueprint

  Compliant with evidence based medical facts and upto date medical knowledge.

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Explore the blueprint of medical education with insights that shape your learning journey. Chart a course for success with a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of medical education.

Lung Sounds

Delve into the heart of medical practice with practical insights, bridging the gap between theory and application through real-world case scenarios.

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Discover a transformative experience that goes beyond textbook theories. Explore authentic case scenarios that impart wisdom, enrich your understanding, and sharpen your clinical acumen, preparing you for the dynamic challenges of medical practice.

Quiz Mode

700+ Full HD Clinical Images and Auscultation Library containing heart and lung sounds.

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Embark on an immersive educational experience that engages your senses. Elevate your understanding of cardiovascular and respiratory systems with a dynamic blend of audio and visual stimuli, creating a holistic and memorable learning environment.

Easy Navigation

Bookmark what matters to you the most. Personalize your interface.

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Personalize your learning journey by effortlessly bookmarking and organizing essential cases. Seamlessly retrieve and review key medical scenarios tailored to your individual learning needs, ensuring a curated and efficient study experience.

Master Clinical Skills

Master your clinical examination skills with our training mode provided in the App

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Embark on a journey of proficiency and confidence as you delve into our comprehensive module designed to hone and elevate your clinical skills. Acquire the expertise essential for navigating the challenges of medical practice, mastering the art of hands-on patient care, and ensuring your success in diverse clinical settings..

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